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Are you still cleaning your gutters?

Gutter UmbrellaŽ, our signature gutter cover system is guaranteed to never clog again! Imagine - - no more dangerous ladders, no more risk of water damage to your home.

Our written, lifetime, transferrable clog-free warranty ensures that your purchase is entirely RISK-FREE! In fact, if they ever clog, we’ll clean them!

Gutter UmbrellaŽ will naturally complement your roof line and add lasting beauty to your home. If you sell your home, our 100% transferrable warranty adds value to your investment - - and your sale price!

Gutter UmbrellaŽ can be installed on new or existing gutter systems and is available in a variety of colors and copper. To view colors, click here. Gutter UmbrellaŽ is professionally installed by our trained technicians and rests on and attaches to our patented bracket system, ensuring your roof warranty is protected.

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Lifetime Material Warranty
Gutter Perfection, Inc. warrants that all material used in the installation of Gutter UmbrellaŽ meets or exceeds specifications as listed in the America Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) report. This warranty further implies that all material is to be free of defect and will remain in force as long as subjected to normal maintenance, normal sunlight and other natural elements, and subject to the exceptions and exclusions listed within this warranty page.

Lifetime Performance Warranty
Gutter Perfection, Inc. warrants Gutter UmbrellaŽ gutter protection system is warranted to the original purchaser and subsequent owners for the life of the home. We also warrant that your gutter system will remain clog-free for the life of the home. Clog-free is hereby defined as the movement or act or flowing or circulating of rainwater. Gutter UmbrellaŽ is engineered to transfer all but inconsequential droplets of water to downspouts (existing or newly installed). Areas of particular concern as to overflow are valleys where a convergence of water can cause overflow during heavy downpours of rain. Gutter Perfection, Inc. will make such adjustments that are necessary to collect the majority of rainfall. Gutter UmbrellaŽ can be installed as a new system or over existing gutters and downspouts if these are deemed serviceable and functional. Gutter UmbrellaŽ, when properly installed by trained technicians, extends the life-time, clog-free warranty to subsequent new owners providing the exclusions to this warranty outlined below are not breeched.

If installed over an existing gutter system, the system must be inspected and cleaned of all debris and deemed serviceable and functional to accept the Gutter UmbrellaŽ cover.

Warranty Service:
Any claim for performance failure under this warranty must be submitted to the installing dealer for service and resolution. It will be the responsibility of the claimant to provide proof of purchase. Reasonable time should be allowed for inspection and service. Service calls for non-warranty repair or adjustment may result in a service charge.

Exclusion to Warranties:
This warranty does not cover any other damage or material failure including, but not limited to damage caused by occurrences beyond the control of Gutter Perfection, Inc., or its authorized dealers, such as the settlement of a building, use of improper accessories, normal weathering, chemical pollutants, normal fading, fire, flood, lightning, windblown objects, earthquakes, hurricanes, icicles and/or ice storms, hail or any weather of a catastrophic nature as defined by the U. S. Weather Service Bureau, other acts of God and other local factors in regions where hardwood tree tassels and/or pine resins are prevalent in excessive amounts. Painting the specially coated Gutter UmbrellaŽ system by any unauthorized contractor such as painters or roofers, etc. or misalignment caused by ladders placed against the Gutter UmbrellaŽ system will void this warranty. Any roof will occasionally accumulate debris. This warranty will be void if damage to the Gutter UmbrellaŽ system occurs due to debris left in place or not cleaned from the roof.
Did you know that over 200,000 people annually are injured in ladder accidents? That makes your ladder one of the most potentially hazardous home maintenance tools you can use!

One of the many reasons homeowners contact us regarding Gutter UmbrellaŽ, our gutter cover system, are some of the safety issues involved with cleaning gutters, including the potential hazards of climbing ladders.

Most homes without a good gutter cover system need gutters cleaned a minimum of four times a year, and depending on your yard's vegetation, even more often.

Not only does Gutter UmbrellaŽ add beauty and value to your home, our lifetime, written, transferable clog-free warranty ensures that you'll never clean gutters again!

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